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Our mission is simple, make great coffee sustainable and accessible to everyone.

The 3rd Wave Coffee movement embodies the artisan spirit of creating and serving coffee with excellence. Exploring unique brewing methods, roasting and brewing quality coffee, as well as honoring high caliber of barista skill and knowledge.

ever struggled to find good coffee?

With the 3rd Wave Coffee App, we make finding these cafes easier, both celebrating what they do and helping you find great coffee wherever you are! Explore the local scene, discover new cafes or search for exactly what you want, when you want.

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How can I help make great coffee sustainable?

Know a great cafe that embodies the spirit of 3rd Wave Coffee? Tell us about it! Own a cafe? Super cool, let's talk about it. Together we can grow our coffee community.

Don't see your hometown on the map? We are continually adding in more locations. Let us know where to check out next!


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Dan Webster
Co-founder | Business Development

Drives the vision of the company, and responsible for business development and growth. engaging with the coffee community and representing the interests of barista's and cafe owners from all over. An enthusiastic barista and graphic designer who is very passionate about the specialty coffee movement.

James Chell
Co-founder | Design & Development

Responsible for shaping the design aesthetic, and coming up with key ideas for strategy and design. James is familiar with the space where design and technology meet, and he is passionate about solving peoples problems by making really cool stuff.